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The experience sent her into hiding. In No Fat Chicks Poulton traces the evolution of antifat ideology and of the businesses that profit from it, and explains how the health-care and fashion industries, among others, have become complicit in promulgating an image of the ideal body, that's impossible for 95 percent of women to achieve. She shows how the mass media's vicious vilification of "fat chicks" guarantees that women will frantically keep spending money on products that promise escape from the stigma.

According to business owners who have been on the show, along with former executives and employees who have worked with Lemonis, his most basic strategy is: I'm a provocateur. Lemonis identifies personnel problems or family issues--as he did with Chicago pizza joint Simply Slices in and inserts himself in the middle.

The situation worsens and the founder needs to accommodate Lemonis by following his advice to get everything back on track. With Simply Slices, Lemonis got involved in a family feud, which resulted in the father's ripping off his microphone and walking out of the episode.

Or there's the soft coup strategy. As a multimillionaire, he can pour so much money into a company that he dilutes the owner's equity--creating a situation that requires owners to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars, take on debt, or deal with lower levels of ownership. They grew it to three locations through franchising and wanted to expand even more, but they needed both capital and business guidance.

After Lemonis cut a check on camera, the producers took it back. But, he assured them, royalties would be coming. The Ferences were not part of the new company and not acknowledged as owners in any legal documents. They're now suing and hoping for a jury trial. Why do you just get to hold onto equity for free? It doesn't work that way. David Slomski, the Ferences' attorney, sums up his clients' experience: "The Ferences had thriving businesses and if they'd never met Lemonis, they would've still had these thriving businesses," he says. If you watch The Profit , you'll see tears in nearly every episode.

One of Lemonis's talents is that he knows how to excavate someone's pain, bring it to the surface, and create a bond by expressing his own painful memories. Part of Lemonis's allure is that he is a relatable guy who freely confesses his own vulnerabilities. In June , during that joint conference with Inc. He also admitted that his biggest fear is that people will find out that he's not as smart as they believe him to be and how he could die alone.

In the Secret Millionaire episode, Lemonis admitted he was bullied as a kid.


I was the fat kid who was picked on. It's his wielding of aggressive financial tactics. Over the next month, he gave more money, but then abruptly switched gears: Lemonis would be a lender, not an equity investor, and asked them to sign a promissory note with aggressive lending terms.

If they couldn't pull together the cash, he was entitled to all the company's intellectual property, trademarks, and other assets. Lemonis's final act of generosity? In August , eight months after first meeting Lemonis, the Ben-Nun brothers gave up the business they had built from the ground up. The way Lemonis sees it, the opportunity he offers small-business owners in turmoil, including the Ben-Nun brothers, is theirs to lose. Lemonis first learned the art of negotiation on a Florida Chevrolet car lot. More from Inc. Sponsored Business Content. I feel sorry for them and their: probable path to diabetes or other health problems, difficulty in keeping relationships, etc.

But, my focus is on my own health and nutrition not on the plight of overweight people. I'm hoping that fat people find a way to eat or exercise better and that their next pseudo-political move isn't to further basterdize the English language--and employ the word, "fatphobic. I'm not afraid of fat people. I am just exercising my right as an American to express my opinion on things, beautiful, gross or anything in between.

Don't hate me because I am healthy and slender. I don't hate the overweight, by any means, but I do think they need to be more responsible. Point in case I don't mean to sound cruel, but we were sandwiched between two extremely overweight individuals. She was so big, that her girth was spilling over the seat spacer, and onto my wife, who was squeezed up next to me, like a sardine! When we complained to the usher, we were told that there was "little that could be done", and were offered one of the seats way in the back.

I asked to speak with the floor manager, and was told that she was "unavailable". I, later, complained, via email and phone, to Fargo Dome officials, and got the typical corporate brush-off. It completely ruined a rare a night out for us both. Businesses need a plan of action to deal with this kind of situation, and obese individuals need to do the right thing, and buy two seats!

I am a mom who has to admit her kid for the second time this year for anorexia. Lets stop all this crap fat shaming, cutting funding for pe classes, treating 8 year olds like they are too old to try a new sport, showing super models who gained 12 lbs and can fit into their pre baby jeans two weeks after the birth etc I don't think all sizes are necessarily healthy, too much weight isn't good for the heart, bones, etc, but that isn't anyone's business.

I find it perplexing that people are so obsessed with fat people. Fascinating, actually, because men who complain incessantly about fat women are deep down very attracted to them but don't have the courage to own up to it. Those who hate fat people have a poorly disciplined mind. They fixate on weight and fritter away time and energy talking about it, focusing on that, instead of a million different more constructive things.

Just remember, if you are dealing with a fat basher, this is a weak person with a weak mind, and I'll take a fat friend over a stupid one any day. If someone is not attracted to you they're not attracted period , what do you suggest? Since I was a child, I've always wanted to lose weight because people around me even my cousin always bully because I'm fat. My cousin often giving me more vegetables to eat and tell me it's good for me and always snatch my sweets and desert telling me that it make me fat. Sometimes she tell me to run around the house but when I wanted to play with them, they often to tell me to stay away from them or maybe because I'm not fun to be play with because I'm slow.

Dating While Fat: 5 Questions I Ask Before Committing to a Partner

At school, I don't have anyone wanted to be my friends but always getting bullied. People will demand me to give them all my pocket money because they told me that it can make me slim down or snatch my lunch box and leave only rice and vegetable for me. When meitu xiu xiu become famous, my cousin will edit my picture to become slim even I didn't ask her. I've tried many diets including starving, diet pill and medication and many more and nothing work on me. I've also remember my cousin friend told me that I have a pretty face but I need to slim down.

Teachers will always tell me that if I slim down I can be pretty and I often getting fool by other people, believe what they said could make me slim down. Even my crush found that I'm disgusting human being. As always I'll get home crying, asking for help, hate the person I saw when I'm standing in front the mirror, blame my parent and sometimes plead for them for more money to buy some expensive working diet product and finally suicide. Now, I might lose a few kg and people often compliment me but I never feel happy but empty and suffer. Do you enjoy seeing me suffer?

If I'm dying could it make you feel any better? Hey there I am an average sized person and I really admire you! What you say makes so much sense and taking the attitude that you do requires much courage and intelligence. Keep up the good work!! I am a nurse and I am tired of seeing fat people admitted to hospital with problems because they are overweight. Diabetes, cardiac disease etc. Nurses suffer also by hurting their backs. I agree. There is no such thing as health at every size. A 5'4" woman who weighs pounds is not going to have as healthy or probably as fulfilling of a life as another 5'4" woman who weighs pounds.

If you truly love your body, take care of it! It's the only one you get. I'll take fat over mean any day. I can lose weight. I might not always be fat. You, on the other hand, will always be mean. I'd like to consider myself a decently nice person. I just find myself physically repulsed by obese people. I work extremely hard for everything I have and to see people take such poor care of themselves is depressing. Also, severe fault in your logic. It's possible to be kind and not fat.

It's also possible to be obese and mean. I've noticed the obese people tend to be more mean, taking their hatred for themselves out on me. Really quite sad how you consider all non-fat people mean. Sorry for being healthy and caring for myself.

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I am not a fat shamer and never do any negative coments about owerweight and obese people, but fat people often call me "skinny skeleton" and say that I should eat more. I am not even underweight, my BMI is Unless you're a teenager or younger, that's right on the border of underweight.

I'm not saying you're unhealthy or people are justified calling you 'skeleton', but you shouldn't make it sound like Nothing is what. It's got nothing to do with fat harassment. In fact you'll notice that when it comes to 'fat positivity', women are the focus. It's fat women whose feelings efforts are mostly devoted to protecting. But shhh, we can't notice that if it means another excuse for women to be victims. Body shaming just needs to stop all together. There is no one size fits all weight. I like to think of it as people being built like either birds or bears.

The ideal weight for one may not be the ideal weight for others. In my childhood I used to be an extremely skinny girl and people orten made rude comments about my low body weight.

No Fat Chicks: How Big Business Profits Making Women Hate Their Bodies-How to Fight Back

They called me a concentration camp victim and said my mom something like this "Oh, your daughter is so terribly skinny! Have you ever fed her? It's just an observer's view. I couldn't care less whether the overweight choose to stay the way they are or not. We all face the consequences of our choices any way. But some of the unnecessarily aggressive retorts by some overweight to what are logical comments are what cause the neutral parties to start disliking the overweight.

People leave comments on an article, some of them valid and they are attacked by the defensive overweight community. Cry me a river. From freshman year til about 3 years ago I was 6 foot and pounds. Ate and ate, drank supplements, worked out, etc. You know what I got? When you're underweight good luck getting the same sympathy they get. That is a delusion you've made up. Fat, skinny, tall, short, disabled, it doesn't matter. We are all human, some of us just do a better job of acting like it than others. Interesting note about the BMI scale: I know a guy who does some amateur bodybuilding — his body fat percentage is almost nothing — yet according to his BMI, he is obese.

BMI scale, skin fold test, body fat percentage and other tests are meant to be used on general population, not on the outliers such as athletes. I used to run marathons. Couple of times I had a doctor diagnose me with heart disease and be ready to admit me to a hospital for urgent care. Once I explained that I was a runner, he calmed down and called of the Code Blue. Goes to show the stupidity involved in relying on a system that it's own creator said was NOT to be used on individuals.

Let me give you a gift. Alex -- I didn't pick up on any hate here at all -- unless you referred to the manufactured type that fcd wrote up above? Lazy labeling? Of course openly expressing hate is bad, but it's also an important part of society, if we want to follow that maxim, "be yourself.

How Does It Feel To Be Fat Shamed?

We have to accept that we don't live in a perfect world, and we never will. People are going to dislike each other, often loudly. Free speech also plays a part in this. Even if someone is spewing something I can't abide, I would still fight for their right to express that bile.

Obviously this freedom of speech also covers arguments against the 'haters', so y'know Give as good as you get! Interesting point about free speech, Phillip. It reminds me of this quote by Noam Chomsky: "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.

SO why is it okay for us to allow FAT comments and such instead of calling them prejudices and making them not okay as well? Because a law has not been passed yet that forbids it and circumscribes our freedom of speech even further. The problem is that we, as a society,, over the last couple of decades have quit accepting responsibility for our actions. We have become a nation of cop-out artists and blame-shifters. We burn ourselves with hot coffee and we blame McDonalds for making it too hot.

We go around a railroad crossing barrier and get hit by a train, we blame the railroad. You are a perfect example. You blame the "food industry" for making people fat. Is the big, bad "food industry" holding a gun to anybody's head to make them buy bad food or forcing feeding t unhealthy food??? As humans we are supposed to have free will and reasoning powers. If the big, bad "food industry" is producing unhealthy food, why are we buying it? If people exercised their reasoning powers and refused to buy crap, the "food industry" would quickly get the message and quit loading food up with junk.

We live in a capitalist country. One of the major drivers of capitalism is the Law of Supply and Demand. If there is no demand for junk food, the supply will dry up.

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Many school districts have tried to institute healthy, non-fattening lunches. Many school districts have removed soda machines from their premises and replaced them with juice dispensing machines. What has been the response? Kids refuse to eat the healthy food and their parents demand that soda and the "old" food be brought back. So don't be blaming the "food industry" for the weakness and stupidity of the sheeple. You might as well claim like Flip Wilson that "The devil made me do it!

Well said! It's refreshing to see some people talking sense. Even if such people will usually constitute the minority. Unfortunately, for the most part, your message will fall on the deaf ears of the weak-willed majority who don't take responsibility for their actions. Yeah but do you realize that it is expensive to eat healthy?

  1. Dating While Fat: 5 Questions I Ask Before Committing to a Partner.
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  3. Find a copy in the library;
  4. Some people can only afford so much and lately the only cheap food is the processed crap. Have you noticed a lot of the people who are obese are also the poorest? That isn't just a cooincidence. This is a myth. If you want to lose weight, the bottom line is that it doesn't matter what you eat. Google "Twinkie Diet". A college professor goes on a diet where he only eats junk food Twinkies, Doritos, etc , and he loses over 20 pounds. How'd he do it? By not going over his calorie limit. You can eat McDonalds every day of your life, as long as you don't eat over your total daily energy expenditure, and still lose weight.

    Yeah you may lose weight but still definitely won't be healthy on that diet which you now proved what was really the issue with you. It isn't health your complaining about. It is how fat people look. You obviously didn't read through the entire article. His cholesterol level dropped, as well as the amount of triglycerides in his blood. Even if it didn't improve his overall health, being less fat puts less strain on the rest of your body.

    Obviously no one is gonna change your mind so cut the crap. I no longer care what your kind thinks. I have a right to love myself and enjoy my life just like anyone else. If that is hard for your mind to comprehend then maybe look into your own life and consider why you are so unhappy that you pick on others to feel good about yourself. People say negative things about fat people because they're offensive to look at, not to make themselves feel better. If you saw a homeless man moving his bowels would you yell "Gross!

    An extreme example, but it gets the point across. The other commenter wrote a thought out post about food and you accused them of picking on you, because you didn't agree with them. Believe it or not, that's actually a shaming tactic. Very hypocritical. You are not a different "kind", you aren't a fat race, your bad decisions keep you fat and in bad health, no matter what your metabolism.

    People of all metabolisms can lose weight. It's incredibly common knowledge that being overweight wreaks havoc on your health in too many ways to count. The fact that you refuse to be healthier because of what other people think just proves you make terrible decisions. You're trying to disguise having no self control as being strong and independent, it's a real shame.

    Too bad for you that we don't get to decide who can and who cannot go on their daily lives based on what you, or anybody else thinks about the appereance of other people. What a funny and self-centered world you live in where your aesthetic tastes define if a person has the right to appear in your line of sight or not.

    In reality, you know nothing about the people you merely pass by, and you are not eligible to make any valid judgements about their self-control, health, happiness or anything else. You don't know them or what they have been through.