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Kindness at school 1. Hold the door open for your teacher or headteacher. Let someone else go in front in the queue to go out to play. Offer to hand out the fruit and milk at snack time. Sharpen all the pencils in the class at breaktime. Use your pocket money to buy a nice new pen for your teacher. Clear out your old books and donate them to the school library.

Offer to tidy up the equipment at the end of PE. Write your teacher a note or a poem about why you like them. Kindness in the playground Run to fetch a teacher if a friend falls and hurts themselves. Organise a game for children from one of the younger classes. Pick up litter from the school playing field and put it in the bin. Ask your teacher if you can make bird feeders or an insect home for the playground.

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Kindness at home, and with friends and family Clear the table after dinner without being asked. Read your little brother or sister a bedtime story. Feed your pet or clean out their cage without having to be told. Use beads, loom bands or other craft materials to make a bracelet for a friend. Put out food for the birds in your garden, especially in winter when the ground is frozen.

100 Acts of Kindness for Kids

Pour the rest of your family a drink at mealtimes. Listen to your brother or sister read their school reading books. Draw your mum or dad a picture, just because you love them. Give a packet of sunflower seeds to a friend, so they can watch them grow. Kindness in the community and for charity Make a poster for your local park to remind people to pick up their dog poo. Leave your pound coin in the locker at the swimming pool for the next person who uses it.

Sort out your old toys and donate them to a charity shop or a local playgroup. Pick up at least three pieces of litter every time you go to the park. Make sandwiches or cakes to take to your local soup kitchen or homeless night shelter. Thank you so much for making this available. I am sending the list to school with my daughter on Valentines Day for the teachers to challenge the kids to send love forward! We will be there to support you. I even have a huge printable list of acts of kindness for kids.

She is sharing a fun way to play with science — something she does a lot of! Be sure to head over to her site for fun and useful ideas for modern parents. And print out her super cute — and free — easy!

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The list is designed as a free printable so you can print it out and stick […]. So, click here for some ideas of small acts of kindness that you could try out.

10 Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught On Camera

The site says that it is for kids, […]. Hold a neighborhood food drive Donate items to a thrift store or charity Do random acts of kindness Take snacks to the local police or fire station One of them is this printable Acts of Kindness for Kids […]. Fill in the rest of the month with your own acts of kindness.

28 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids [Kindness Ideas for School]

I have a huge list of Acts of Kindness for Kids to get you […]. Get to know your neighbors. Host at least one block party this year. Do more random acts of kindness. Try something new for 30 days. If you […]. Here is a link to acts of kindness that you can do with your […]. No money needs to be spent either. Check out this amazing list. Click HERE. These are wonderful ideas for families to try together from a fun […].

Includes a free printable.

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Pick a few RAOKs random acts of kindness to do together. Here are ideas you can choose […]. Make sure to download and print the full list to keep the kindness going. It was a small group but they were happy to be learning about doing good in our community. The children listened to a book about being kind from Miss Marsha, then assisted Miss Asya and Miss Marsha in making a thank you card for our hard working downstairs library staff.

It was very sweet and very kind! One act at a time! Every smile […]. Of course, we continue crafting and painting and joined in on a Acts of Kindness Challenge that end on February 14th.

24 random acts of kindness that will promote gratitude this holiday season

We are tracking our acts of kindness with a paper linked chain which […]. This would be great to pass out at the end […]. For more great ways that you can be kind to others, check out this random acts of kindness list that is filled with many […]. In creating my list, I was inspired the lists here: 1 2 3 4 5 […]. If you have a question about what one of the acts of kindness is or want more ideas click on the […]. We have heard these rules all our lives, but sometimes we forget to follow them, or […]. And lastly, Random Acts of Kindness are wonderfully positive ways to teach the beauty of good deeds and selflessness to children… […].

They provided me with this list of ideas to get our creative juices […]. A great website for random acts of kindness. Day, and February 14th try to do acts of kindness together. We are reading beautiful verses and illustrating them. At the end of the month, we will have a completed project, a January Journal, full of beautiful illustrations from the Bible. Our Community Service project will be focused on Kindness.

Students will have the entire month of February to complete acts of kindness. Each student received a paper today regarding the project. Each time one of the acts of kindness are completed, then the date it is completed needs to be written by the actual number or task. On Friday, we will take a Prayer Walk around the school and ask God to surround our school. Each student received a paper last week regarding the project.

Remember, the Kindness Project is due at the end of the month. We have been asked to put together everything except for the sermon. What a privilege we have been given! Today, we talked about who might be interested in what. Students will be getting Bible credit for their participation. With it being a few weeks away, hopefully this will give you time to make arrangements to be here.

For this week, we have a memory verse test on Friday. It will be fill-in-the-blanks. Also, remember that the Kindness Project is due on Thursday, March 1. On a side note, we are pausing on the Student Sabbath. There was a confusion of church […]. You can get ideas for sayings and acts here!

Some […].