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During the course, we will study the impact and influence of the Lord Jesus in their lives and the spirit of their devotion to Him.

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Participants will also experience sharing in small groups, learning and praying in a nurturing community. The Bible reveals a God who is relational. We can trace through the Bible records different types of relationships between God and humankind. During the course, we will look into 7 key sets of relationships. These relationships can serve as pointers to understand the differing degrees of intimacy with God. We will then examine our own relationship with God, where we are currently, and where we desire to be. The essence of Lectio Divina is prayer, seeking God.

It is heartening to learn that the Word of God is not only a revelation of the LORD to His children but also a resource to aid us in our prayer to Him.

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In this course, we will learn to let the Word of God descend from our head to our heart and seek God there. It is there where reading the Bible seeks to challenge our habitual beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. Even as we commit ourselves to serve Him, how do we renew ourselves after the demands and drain of ministry? We know about the core spiritual disciplines of keeping our quiet time, prayer and reading the Bible.

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Spiritual disciplines however, are not just to nourish our spiritual life, and also to cultivate a spiritual attentiveness to God. The course is designed to be practical. Beside the teaching segment, we will practice the disciplines e. These disciplines will help us to grow deeper in Christ and provide renewal after the drain of ministry.

It is a time of fasting and self examination. Lectio Divina is an ancient way of reading the Word of God where the reading always require a prayerful response to the God of the Word. Lent and Lectio Divina together prepares us in mind, heart and spirit to enter deep into the passion of our Lord Jesus, to encounter again the Christ of Easter. Date: 10 Feb Time: 9. A quiet day retreat to reflect on the heart of Lent and to recall the temptations that we face from time to time. In this retreat, we seek to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the disciples in the three day drama of the crucifixion first day and the resurrection third day with the empty day in between second day.

This retreat is an intentional and intense entering into the passion of Christ through the perspective of the disciples. Even though these are various parts of the soul-life, these functions are the essentials of man being man. Therefore, although the spiritual man does not live by them, he does not destroy them. On the contrary, they have died, been renewed, and are resurrected. Therefore, they are now completely united with the spirit to be the instruments to express the spirit.

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The spiritual man does have an emotion, mind, and will, but they are completely subject to the guidance of the intuition of the spirit. The spiritual man has an emotion, but his emotion does not act independently as it once did; it is completely under the control of the spirit. Now his emotion no longer has its own likes, its own love, and its own feelings which once impeded the spirit and opposed every move of the spirit.

Now it only likes what the spirit likes, only loves what the spirit chooses, and only feels what the spirit allows. The spirit is its life, and it responds at once to the move of the spirit. The spiritual man also has a mind, but his mind is not as loose as it once was; it co-works with the spirit. The mind does not oppose the revelation of the spirit by its reasons and arguments.

It does not disturb the quietness in the spirit by confusing thoughts. It does not boast in its own wisdom and disobey the revelation of the spirit. It is of the same mind as the spirit and cooperates with the spirit to go forward in the spiritual journey. If the spirit has a revelation, it will think through its meaning. If the spirit is "depressed" because of fighting, it will support the spirit to fight.

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  4. If the spirit wants to teach some truth, it will help the spirit to think and understand. The spirit has the power to stop the mind's thoughts and also has the power to make the mind think. The spiritual man also has his will, but his will is not as self-centered as it once was; it is not independent toward God but rather obeys or refuses according to the yes or no of the spirit. It no longer has its own will nor disobeys God's will. It is no longer hard and unable to be softened.

    It is completely broken; it no longer resists God, no longer works against God, and no longer is wild and difficult to harness. As soon as it has the spirit's revelation and understands God's will, it will, on behalf of the spirit, decide to follow as if it is the spirit's minister, standing at the spirit's door and waiting for the spirit's order.

    The spiritual man's body is also subject to the spirit. It does not, by its lusts, draw the soul to commit sins as it once did. Now it is cleansed by the precious blood, its lusts were dealt with by the cross, and it is entirely a servant of the soul which takes orders from the spirit. It responds quickly to complete authority to control it by the renewed will. It no longer oppresses the weak spirit. The spirit of the spiritual man has been strengthened, and the body is under its power. The apostle mentioned the actual condition of a spiritual man in 1 Thessalonians "And the God of peace Himself sanctify you wholly, and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete.

    The life of the spirit, poured into his whole being, causes every faculty to live by the life of the spirit and walk by the power of the spirit.

    Spiritual Man, The (3 volume set)

    His mind, imagination, feeling, ideals, love, and opinion have all been renewed and cleansed by the Holy Spirit. These are completely under the rule of the spirit and no longer act independently. All the members of the body are instruments of righteousness. Therefore, a spiritual man is a man who belongs to the spirit. His whole person is ruled by the spirit, and all the faculties of his person are completely under the spirit and regulated by it. His spirit is the characteristic of his life; everything comes from the spirit.

    He has absolute dependence: what he says and what he does are not freely done by himself. He always denies his own strength and draws strength from the spirit. A spiritual man is a man who lives by the spirit. Note: We hope that many will benefit from these spiritual riches.

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    Exploring Creation with Chemistry Textbook, 3rd Edition. Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Grade 6. The One Anothering series for small groups is a set of practical guides that encourage groups to explore one another's differing views and unique gifts. Each chapter includes a study based on the "one another" verse, a discussion and sharing format, and prayer suggestions. Volume 2 includes ten sessions based on such themes as "accept one another," "serve one another," "teach one another," and "honor one another.

    Title: One Anothering, vol.

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