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It's easy to let depression and self-pity take over during this time of loss. I choose to look at what I can learn and how I can continue to find happiness, even during the dark days. It will always get worse before it gets better. Because I was so young when my dad passed, I was numb to the reality of what I had lost. It wasn't until my teenage years I truly grasped the cold, hard truth.

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A particular instance I remember was during my junior year of high school. I was facing the choices of colleges, dating and figuring out who and what I wanted to be. The thought of these big changes happening without my dad weighed on me. I don't think I've ever cried like I did that night. It was as if the 9 years without my dad had all been compacting until this breaking moment. It was a night I spent alone, in my room.

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Although unknown to others, this was a defining moment for me. I remember crying out asking the universe why it had to be so hard. As I got older, not only did I more clearly understand the loss of my father, but I was now going through things I needed him most for. Since that time, there have been moments that made my dad's death seem harder, but there have also been moments where the pain has gotten better. The people you lose are still with you. My dad is still here with me every day. I feel him when passing a construction site with a crane, because he used to wear this goofy yellow ball cap with a crane on it.

I see him when I look into someone's blue eyes and remember his. I know he's there in the moments when I feel totally alone. Most importantly, I know he's there when I look in the mirror. From the dirty blonde hair that is his, to his smile that reflects back at me. You'll think about it every day. Sometimes we go through hard times and they become a part of our past. But losing someone is just as prevalent in the past, present and future. Something happens every day that I wish I could tell him about. Like the other day when I ate chicken fingers and I wanted to tell him how it reminded me of that grill he took us to as kids.

I want to call him and tell him about the job interview I just walked out of and how horribly awkward I was during it. I want to tell him about the amazing guy that asked me on a date and how I really feel like there's something special about him. All the little things that happen every day keep the memory of my dad alive. No one can fill the void. Losing someone, especially someone as close to you as a parent is, leaves a hole in your heart.

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It starts as an emptiness that fills every aspect of your life. There may be many people or things you try to fill that emptiness with, but the reality is that you need it. You need to find the beauty in it. The beauty is having someone you loved so much, that no one and nothing will ever replace them.

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  • It's how lucky I was to have been my daddy's buckaroo for his time here. To have had such an incredibly loving and close relationship with him that losing him has left such a void in my life.


    Queen Elizabeth II said "Grief is the price we pay for love. You can keep their memory alive, but don't dwell in the loss. A balance is needed between remembering them and being able to move on from the loss. We cannot dwell on the tragedy of losing someone and forget the wonderful life that is still around us.

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    This includes feeling sorry for ourselves and letting bitterness fill our lives. No, it's not fair that my dad died. And yes, I am still sad about it every day. But I have been able to live such a wonderful life in tribute to him. There is no better way to remember my dad than to take this life he gave me and make the most out of it.

    Family should be first. The absolute best moments in my life have been shared with my family. They are a gift and we have to treat them as such. Without my family, I would be nowhere. And the loss of my father has only taught me to love them harder and cherish them more.

    To have the support of my family through life and through the loss of my father, has been truly the greatest blessing. Through any and every thing, family is there.

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    Take advantage of the time given with them and love with no regrets. You have to live your life to the fullest.

    10 Things I Learned From Losing My Dad

    We never know when it may be our last day or someone else's. Use each day to its fullest capacity. Whether that be reading one more chapter, calling your mom even though she always talks your ear off , reaching out to an old friend or running one more mile. Take life for what it's worth. More time is virtually the only thing we can't buy these days.

    Treasure that and maximize it. Learn to prioritize. We all get busy with the logistics of being human, but let's get busier about simply enjoying life.

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    • He makes the most wonderful chicken soup from scratch and jambalaya. He bakes all the bread in our house. This is why, I have guessed, that he wanted to innovate in the eggs department and it went grotesquely awry. Before a soccer game he mixed ketchup into eggs and milk and whisked it into an omelette batter. It was pink. I think I barfed. Like, for real, lying sometime is a necessary evil. And then I get home and it isn't great. He also has told me that I shouldn't put bananas in a morning smoothie because they have too much sugar. BUT, duh, bananas are the best part of a smoothie. He also doesn't think anything should be printed on uncoated paper,because the blacks get washed out.