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Helloween Helloweenband Helloweenbandfans AndiDeris AndreasDeris MichaelWeikath greatguitarist guitargenius greatsongwriter legendvoice greatvocalist musiclegends germanmetal germanband metalband. Beware of the Pirates!!!

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There are more to be announced. Stay Wild!!! Never ceases to amaze me. Came back this year with a banger of an album. Drum cam live Near Castle Festival!! Can't wait for today's show PPC Graz!! Be there! We had an absolute blast nonstockfestival this weekend! Be part! Yellows dance with us! I don't belong to anyone I'm not a puppet with my strings in your hand I don't belong to anyone I won't obey your commands. Hey Guys! Thanks for all your support! Thanks for listen, watching and sharing our music!

Look for Cult of Kadath in: spotify soundcloud youtube amazonmusic googleplay facebook Thanks! Gulya's love for details is incredible and his ability to see behind complex stories and reproduce them in art is amazing. Was soll aus dem Jungen nur werden? Doch hat er die Rechnung ohne seine gute Mutter gemacht. Dann als Sie das Signal gab waren alle ganz begeistert und nun wird das ihr Untergang. An IM Erika wird man sich nur als die Volksfeindin erinnern. Los jetzt! Small scribbel with nearly all chastiefol form.

I missed the armor, luminosity and fossilisation. The sinner must commit mortal sin with full consciousness and recognize the gravity of sin beforehand. Sin must be committed with deliberate consent therefore of one's own free will. Whoever is free from sin to cast the first stone. Genau dabei bin ich gerade. Etwas neues aufzubauen. Unser Urmechanismus befindet sich in jedem Gen des Menschen. Bildquelle: bit. Gestern wurden die Uhren wieder eine Stunde vor- und somit auf die Sommerzeit gestellt. Raus in die Natur! Denn frische Luft und Sonnenstrahlen tanken tut uns gut und bringt den Kreislauf in Schwung.

Ebenso hilft ein nicht zu helles und nicht zu warmes Schafzimmer.

7 Todsünden: Habgier

Wie geht es dir mit der Zeitumstellung? Leider muss man immer wieder feststellen, dass erst was schlimmeres passieren muss, dass man versteht was man angerichtet hat, falsch gemacht hat oder einfach ignoriert hat. Am besten, wenn es uns jemand anderes bringt. Eu olhei fotos do cabelo da pessoa Go away, cruel human Based on a poem by Etta Streicher: Not speaking out, keeping your feet still, biting the bullet, achieving inner freedom — how individual mental states influence the world. Looking back at the North-East of England during the early sixties. Francois Vogel strolls along the steps of Montmatre in Paris, out of focus and citing a relevant poem.

A parent and child cook together Welche Gedanken kommen einem, while reflecting upon the state of wenn man um vier Uhr morgens aufwacht? Eine komplexe Animation, the world. Sharp-witted and bizarre! Observing the fragile boundaries between life and death, flourishing and decay. The story of Giraffacamelopardalis, an animal whose strangeness is surpassed only by Homo sapiens.

Das stellt sich aber als schwieriger heraus, als gedacht. Fingo lives in a suburb of Cairo and wants to decorate his street with lights for Ramadan. When their car breaks down in the middle of the desert, 65 year-old Mona and her husband are left to their own devices. Als er ihn verliert, beginnt eine verzweifelte Suche. A deaf boy in Iraq steals a canister of oil. When he accidently loses it, he begins a desperate search.

Lässliche Todsünden

Keine Tradition und nicht einmal der Tod kann diese Bindung klein kriegen. Neither tradition nor death can come between them. Gemeinsam bereiten sie ein traditionelles Gericht zu. Due to a curfew, five students of diverse backgrounds are stranded in an apartment together. Together they prepare a traditional meal. Im rbb-Fernsehen haben diese ihre TV-Premiere. Drei davon werden in diesem Programm in Anwesenheit der Filmemacher gezeigt.

Motive des Lebens in Berlin und Brandenburg bilden den Hintergrund, vor welchem Fragestellungen des Erwachsenwerdens und der Zukunft beleuchtet werden. Dabei will er eigentlich nur eines: Schlafen. Robert lives in a world composed of mystifying unemployment office measures and wants only one thing: Initiated in , this film acad- Sleep. All films are premiered on the rbb TV channel. Three of these films will be shown in this programme in the presence of the filmmakers.

Motives pertaining to life in Berlin and Brandenburg form the background in front of which questions about growing up and how the future may look like are explored. Tina und Marlene sind Freundinnen. Two 14 year-old friends growing up in Brandenburg. Tina is popular and Marlene receives little attention. Lia is 13 and has already met the love of her life: The incredibly intelligent and attractive Adam. A lonely stranger is given the opportunity to free himself from the trap he got himself into.

But will his lies really help? Die einzigen, die sich an seinen Namen erinnern, sind sein Nachbar und dessen Tochter. Eine Frau mittleren Alters trifft einen Mann im Wald. Sie verbringen eine gemeinsame Nacht, doch er hat ein Geheimnis. A middle-aged woman meets a man in a forest. They spend the night together, but he has a secret. Ukraine in the limbo of political upheaval: Behind the torn iron curtain, a ballet of resources dances a choreography of fragile indeterminancy.

In cooperation with Film Festival Cottbus, interfilm presents a programme that spans social criticism and cynicism among desolate provincial adolescents, drug-dealing grandmothers and dubious mafiosos. Musical and rhythmic, this film offers a fast-paced view on our often unwitting dependence on fossil fuels.

A dare changes everything In dieser ukrainischen Kleinstadt kennt jeder jeden. In this small Ukrainian town, everyone knows everyone. And everyone wants a piece of the pie Mothers might be annoying at times, but even they were once wild and young. What happens when we the first ShortVisions International align ourselves with one?

This is a China Academy of Art collection of winners and new films qq. Tianrui is 10 years old and has two wishes: To see his divorced parents at his first tuba performance and get closer to the prettiest girl in his class. Hoping for a better life, a young man from a village enters into a dubious deal. Sometimes dreams are the only way to process dramatic twists of fate. A film about dealing with loss. Ein kleines Dorf in China bereitet sich auf die Neujahrsfeier vor. When a stranger appears the atmosphere turns sour.

Absurd encounters at the edge of a swimming pool take a completely unexpected turn. Das ist das innovative Konzept hinter unseren Daunenprodukten. Die Designs sind bis ins letzte Detail ausgearbeitet. Wie das ganz einfach geht, lesen Sie hier: www.

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Mario Loose Sredzkistr. Berg Tel. Eine Interviewserie mit den Tieren eines Zoos. A series of interviews with animals in an English zoo. London Film Festival on 19th October Was zwei Schattenspielpuppen wohl so treiben, wenn sie sich langweilen? Two bored shadow puppets play themselves at their own game. Purple and Brown have a crushing time with the Whistlers. Aardman erweckt hier Batman, Superman und Catwoman zu neuem Leben. Aardman brings Batman, Superman and Catwoman to life.

A 9mm girl called Dot struggles through a microscopic world. Lucille, a lonely lighthouse-keeper, surfs the net for company. Oblivious to the potential perils of internet dating, she prepares a romantic supper for two Bumbling cavemen Ig and Uk awake to find a volcano on their doorstep.


Das Neue Testament sollte mit vorrangig schauspielerischen Mitteln nach- bzw. Principal filming spanned more than 15 months, from the initial idea in December till its premiere at the Berlinale in Participating filmmakers received up to ten 3-minute Super 8 cassettes and were largely given a free hand in creating their episodes. In many cases, sets and actors were passed from one episode to another.

The continuous figure in all episodes was the initiator and coordinator of the project, Michael Brynntrup, in the role of Jesus. After having screened this manyfaced work in its early years, interfilm will now present it once again within the framework of our great Super 8 Retrospective. Der Super 8-Film kam auf den Markt. Zudem spulte man den Film in eine Kassette, wodurch das Einlegen in die Kamera wesentlich vereinfacht wurde.

The following year, Gegenlicht Film Distribution, the film performance project U. Super 8 was introduced in What made it so super was the better manipulation of 8mm film and an enlarged picture. The raw material was automatically produced in 8mm width, eliminating the necessity for a later vertical splitting of the film. Plus, the film was wound in a cassette, making camera insertion much easier. In the 70s and 80s, the super 8 format became popular for use in performances, exhibits, and concerts. Whether experimental, documentary, animation, or even horror-thrillers, with super 8, almost anything was possible.

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This programme presents super 8 classics from the 80s and is curated by Knut Hoffmeister and Heinz Hermanns. The camera discovers the wheel: the possibilities of hanging on to the axle, swinging, flying off the floor, shooting past, faster and faster, pushing forward. Konsumfilm mit Opernmusik.

Consumer film with opera music. Games with matchstick heads. Die Geschichte eines einsamen Vampirs im modernen Berlin. Das Blut ist auch nicht mehr das was es einmal war. The story of a lonely vampire in modern Berlin. A romance in old Brussels. Super 8 time-lapse documentation of Filipino artists painting on the Berlin wall in , Kreuzberg, Berlin. We hated the Wall because it symbolised the limited mindset. Superimposition as a means of visual destruction. Aufbau, Abriss, Menschen im Schnee und dazu ein treibender Beat. Building up, tearing down, people in the snow and a driving beat.

An experimental film about war and Experimentalfilm zwischen Video, protest with music from Fehlfarben. Film und Fernsehen? Ein Spiel mit Form und Format. Ausgerechnet heute gestaltet sich der Schulweg schwierig. But getting there in time could be particularly difficult. Ein Vater entdeckt seine Angst vor Konfrontation wieder — zum denkbar schlechtesten Zeitpunkt A father rediscovers his fear of confrontation, at the worst possible time.

Every competition needs winners and 30 years of interfilm have certainly collected enough of those to fill an entire festival. High quality international short filmmaking assembled in one exceptional programme! Hand-picked and stunning! A young male prostitute uncovers the truth behind a fatal accident in his home town. The year Doch das strenge System hat nicht nur ihn in der Mangel. To avoid plunging further into destitution, Richard takes desperate measures. Shortly afterwards, however, he makes a discovery Aged 7, Ousmane is left to beg on the streets of Dakar, Senegal.

One day, he decides to write a letter to Santa Claus. Einer verliert sein Gebiss, das wiederum einem Fisch ganz besonders gut steht. Two old friends fish together on a lake and get up to mischief with their false teeth. From ancient, mythical times to the bombastic rush of downtown Shanghai: two young farmers leave their village for the metropolis.

The films that come to mind are both award-winners and adored favourites. So enjoy this wildly diverse programme from the recent and not-so-recent past. Da kann der junge Angestellte der Reinigungsfirma kaum mithalten. A night watchman plays basketball all night, perfecting his game. Ein Mann. Ein Ball. Und die Erkenntis: Das Tor nicht zu treffen, ist manchmal auch eine Kunst. One man, one ball and the realisation that missing the goal is sometimes an art of its own.

Irgendwo auf einem Platz haben Kinder ein Spiel erfunden. Inthe dark side. Wovor haben sie Angst? Why do dogs bark at innocent crea- LMillward rsafilms. This film answers that eternal question. Nebenan im Auto singt eine Frau zur Radiomusik — seine Traumfrau! A man is entranced by a woman singing in the car next door, but communication is difficult. His only hope is the radio station. Es ist Liebe auf den ersten Blick!

A young man attempts to meet up with the love of his life. The only problem is that they are both trapped in their own postcard worlds. Everything we always wanted to know about the mating habits of the water shrew. Contemporary reflections of the generation caught between the systems: Adolescents on Helmholzplatz and a young Tilda Swinton cycling along the West Berlin Wall, for example. The 80s provide insights and perspectives relating to the generation and the wall that encircled them. Bei Schmalzstulle und Clubcola sind sie unter sich.

Der Film war in der DDR jahrelang verboten. A film that was banned in East Germany for many years. Dit war Schicksal. It was fate. Die Filmemacherin Cynthia Beatt begleitet sie dabei. A young boy comes to Beijing to meet his blind date and it turns out to be a scavenger hunt through the city. Beijing polarises as much as it fascinates, while incidentally generating multifaceted examples of filmmaking. Da er sich nicht in der Lage sieht, seinen alternden Vater zu versorgen, sperrt Li Mon ihn in seinem Haus ein. Overwhelmed by the task of looking after his elderly father, Li Mon locks him inside his home.

But the problem is not that easy to solve. One night in Beijing transforms the lives of four young people. Tattoos stehen dem strengen Glauben seines Vaters entgegen. Ein junger Clown auf einem Roller lernt beim Blumenausliefern seine Traumfrau kennen. Immer mit dem Menschen im Fokus. Egal ob Startup, Konzern oder Organisation, zusammen erschaffen wir neue Chancen. Workshops, Beratung, Empathiearbeit, Teambuilding. Marius aka Inspector Norse hat den Versuch, ein cooler Typ zu sein, aufgegeben. Stattdessen bastelt er sich Drogen und feiert Raves.

Instead, he designs drugs and goes to rave parties. Das Ganze hat allerdings, wie so oft, einen Haken Life in the French countryside. These boys live and breathe skateboarding. Luckily, you can just as easily do tricks on a field. My grandpa always carried his past around with him, but he hardly ever spoke of it. Only now, looking back on his life, I am truly aware of the weight of his legacy.

For real? Here, truth becomes a grey area. But only when you can hardly believe your eyes, films become truly entertaining. Echt jetzt? Was ist real? Is it real? Is ing muss er sich ordentlich ins Zeug it just your imagination? And, more legen. Wie weit wird er gehen, um importantly, who cares? Doch ein Bart ist mehr als nur Gesichtsbehaarung. A beard is so much more than just facial hair. A dangerous game erupts from the question of being or not being bearded. An S-Bahn tour through the heart of Berlin, city of the superlatives, accompanied by slogans of the superlatives.

Karla and Julia have a new song. Playing it in front of an audience next to the Oberbaum Bridge, they discover The Bloop! Berlin at its best: Quirky perspectives and stories taken from a city in a constant state of flux. Between Kiez and vision, alive with music, in the clash of cultures, in search of itself.

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Citizens draw a number and wait to be called. Mia und Tim sind schon lange zusammen. Mia and Tim have been together forever. Eva leidet an heftigem Stottern. Meistens sagt sie deshalb lieber nichts. Eva has a bad stutter. Most of the time, she prefers to stay quiet. But when she witnesses a road accident, her life takes a radical turn. Berlin in der Grad-Linse. Gedreht mit sechs Kameras, eine neue Stadterfahrung. Berlin through a degree lens. A city in transition: Old buildings are torn down, new structures are built.

The sounds of the U-Bahn and the underground noise as the original soundtrack of life in Berlin. Komet geht gerne tanzen. Er liebt es, sich unter junge Leute zu mischen und deren Energie zu tanken. Komet loves to go out dancing, mix with a younger crowd and soak up their energy. Doch bevor es los gehen kann, muss sie erst noch ihre Vergangenheit verarbeiten. Hannah, a talented singer, is on the threshold of her first world tour. But before she can hit the road, she has to come to terms with her past.

When the pursuer becomes the pursued, shadows come alive and the past stretches out its bony fingers to grab you, the dark hour has begun and the imagination has reached its peak form. In einer alptraumhaften Welt beginnt ein Kind, begleitet von einem phantastischen Wesen, seinen surrealen Weg.

Ein Bild, in das dieser Protagonist nicht rein passt. Im Schutze der Nacht nutzt er seine Chance A blue sky, the ocean, a beach filled with beautiful vacationers. Sheltered by the night, he takes a chance Wenn ein Fleischer seinen geliebten Hund verliert, sollte man besser keine Spielchen mit ihm treiben. Vor allem nicht als Vegetarier When a butcher loses his beloved dog, you had better not play games with him. Especially when you are a vegetarian They say heaven is on land, purgatory on an island and hell on the high seas.

Manchmal ist der Prozess der Ideenfindung interessanter als das Ergebnis. Was spielt sich in deinem Kopf ab, wenn du auf der Suche nach einer Idee bist? The brainstorming process can be much more interesting than its actual result. Doch was, wenn am Ende der Warteschleife ausnahmsweise wirklich jemand abhebt? But what if someone actually picks up at the end of the wait loop?

In the middle of the night, a wild chase develops on a lonely street. But who is the actual pursuer? In an empty warehouse, an artist starts to work on a new piece and literally sets things in motion. The story of short film can hardly be separated from the experimental film tradition. The very first films were short and experimentation with the medium is as old as the medium itself, perhaps even older than the classic, narrative film. Eine Verfolgungsjagd zwischen den Bildschirmen. A wild chase from monitor to monitor.

Contact: Norico T. In the darkest corners and secret nooks of Taipei, unknown creatures come to life. Welche Gedanken kommen einem, wenn man um vier Uhr morgens aufwacht? Eine komplexe Animation, konstruiert aus verschiedenen Kameraperspektiven. What thoughts pop into your head when you wake up at four in the morning? A complex animation constructed from various camera angles.

A surrealist, musical fairytale about an apple-girl, a minotaur and a cat. They lived happily in a fake utopia until they created an entropy that destroyed everything. A stop-motion animation that pays tribute to silent film and early slapstick. Stop and pause for a moment. Enjoy the static beauty of dance. Ein audiovisuelles Experiment bestehend aus der Animation von 31 Amateurvideos eines Opferrituals in Kolumbien. An audiovisual experiment composed of an animation bringing together 31 amateur videos of a sacrificial ritual in Colombia.

A mashup of images from the nineteen fifties from Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. A courier must feel the rhythm of the traffic. Steady but different every time. One day, he sees a large billboard advertising a beautiful bicycle. Life on a bike smells of freedom, independence and a good life. On film, biking culture presents itself from a different side — odd, peculiar, undreamt-of. Its stories are moving, encouraging, sometimes shocking and, most of all, loads of fun! Aber nicht nur!

Let us introduce you to Joe: 18 years old, bicycle thief, West Ham fan and would-be charmer. Walker, Chih Hsuan Liang. Ein Portrait. Bill is 52 years old, has a lumberjack beard and delivers pizza on his fixie bike in New York. A portrait. Two friends, three days and one bicycle — crossing the length of Great Britain during one of the coldest springs on record. Am Tage ist Fibi Fahrradmechanikerin. Doch was, wenn die Sonne untergeht? By day, Fibi is a bike mechanic.

But what happens when night falls? Documenting the only Muslim cycling group for women in England. For many, it is their first time on a bike. Eine urbane Fahrradhymne. Leg dich besser nicht mit den Radlern an! An urban bike-riding anthem. Drei Performances in einer. Three performances as parts of one. Each complements the other. A young woman touches herself and a beast emerges from her passion.

They wrestle in a forest of emotion. The power of the body, its expression and vision: Uniquely choreographed international dance films exploring tranquillity, sound and passion — enlivening bodies. The dance film genre has experienced a veritable renaissance in mainstream cinema in recent years, and short films and videos, on the Internet for instance, have surely played a significant role in its revival.

In this programme, interfilm presents a selection of the most enthralling examples — because a dancing body often says more than Eine Fernbeziehung in Ausdrucksgea words could ever express. A long-distance relationship expressed through gestures — distance turns into closeness. Jeder Klang erzeugt eine Bewegung und jede Bewegung erzeugt einen Klang.

Every sound generates a movement and every movement produces a sound. Light and body in motion. The city as the setting for emotion, light as the power of passion. Underwater dance: Two people in a mysterious environment, shifting between lightness, languor and poetry.

A cleaning lady and a mime enjoy both work and life. Ein Junge im Begriff, Abschied von seiner Mutter zu nehmen. A boy on the verge of parting from his mother. Mixed media, dance and animation describe the schizophrenia of globalised beauty. Sie schwebt. A woman on the beach appears to be flying. She floats. Two strangers meet at a streetcorner and share fleeting moments of intimate synchronicity. Deren Vertreter aber konfronunusual encounters, erotic pas- tieren ihn auf allzu erotische Art und sion, extraordinary events and so- Weise.

Its characters party, Conservative youngster Daniel Arnaud ist transsexuell. Seine Ex laugh, reminisce, think. Queer cul- wants to join the elite academy. Arnaud is transsexual. His ex-girlto leave mainstream monotony be- him in a extremely erotic manner. Sie tauschen sich aus, finden zueinander. Two men meet in prison. They share their experiences, connect. On a walk, a 6-year-old lectures his dad and uncle on their everyday behaviour. Putin comes out of the closet: Dancing on stage dressed as a bear, he stands up for gay rights.

Als die Stationierung des Soldaten endet, steht eine Entscheidung an. In isolated Iceland, a young man falls in love with a soldier. In a fit of adolescent passion he signs up for an online date.

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Excitement turns into surprise: He had pictured his date differently. Er ist so reizvoll! Every day on his way to work, he notices this young guy He is so fascinating, so appealing! Sometimes the metropolis can throw us completely off the track. Joachim ist Pfleger in einer Psychatrie und will eigentlich gerade Feierabend machen. Doch an diesem Silvesterabend ist das nicht so einfach Joachim, a psychiatric nurse, is about to call it a day. Auch Giraffen betreiben Turmspringen! Und zwar mit Grazie! And gracefully, too! Thomas, in his mid-thirties, returns to his childhood home.

There, an unexpected encounter awaits him. A stunning animated commentary on war and its destructive nature. Ever bumped into an aquaintance at a party and their name has slipped your mind? This familiar scenario turns into a wacky gameshow. Wie viele andere Kunstformen und Medien haben Animation und Computerspiele einander erfolgreich und kreativ remediatisiert.

Dieses moderierte Screening ist eine Kooperation zwischen interfilm und dem Computerspielemuseum und wird von Dr. Karin Wehn kuratiert. Gezeigt wird eine Auswahl von einigen der besten animierten Kurzfilme, die von Computerspielen inspiriert wurden. This moderated screening is a cooperation between interfilm Berlin and Computerspielemuseum, curated by Dr. Karin When. Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario and films inspired by computer games. Donkey Kong invade New York. A computer game-addicted teenager falls in love. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, pizza and muffins.

Pac-Man, arguably the best-known video game in a new version. Contemporary arrangements of piano pieces composed by Bach, is the cleverly placed counterpoint of this playfully sophisticated reflection upon media. A hommage to GTA in the commercial medium. A short film about the characters Love and Hate, which was later turned into an iPhone game. Das Streben nach dem Gipfel ist manchmal genug. Which surely means that Sisyphus must be happy.

A speedy chase proves that video games have something for everyone.