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But Rani refuses to stay branded a traitor. She knows that if she can find the traitoress instructor who let the archer on the scaffold, she can clear her name. Her mission will take her through the slums of the city and the halls of the palace, where she will discover treachery lurks everywhere.

Click here to see the rest of this review. The review of this Book prepared by Michelle. Click on a plot link to find similar books! Krondor: The Betrayal by Raymond E. Feist Thud!

The Glasswrights' Apprentice Book Summary and Study Guide

I never knew what to expect, usually in a good way. I would have liked more about glassmaking and the guild, which I think could be a common sentiment among readers. They made me think. She makes a lot of bad decisions. This could get frustrating, except when she got hit with the consequences for them. There were many locations, and they all had their own cultures, with the unifying theme of different kinds of castes.

The antagonists were threatening evil villains, but their goal was noble and not really diminished by any of their behaviour.

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Of course, things turned out to go deeper than that. If I were to compare this series to anything, it would be classic fantasy of the 80s as well as more modern dark fantasy. How nice that I could force myself to stop at the end of the preview and pass out.

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    The Glasswrights Series

    Continue the series. See more. The Glasswrights' Progress. Book 2. The Little Army Rani Trader survived the destruction of her family, her glasswrights' guild, and everything else that she held dear. She has begun to settle into her new life, living in the palace of Morenia's new king. A brutal betrayal, though, within the very castle walls, results in Rani being kidnapped, carried overseas to distant Amanthia.

    There, Rani discovers a plot against her king. Amanthia has raised the Little Army, a murderous force composed entirely of children. When Rani meets their captain, Crestman, she dreams of liberating the Little Army. But will she live long enough to try? The Glasswrights' Journeyman. Book 3. A land in ruin Rani Trader's beloved homeland of Morenia has been destroyed by fire.

    The only hope for rebuilding is for King Halaravilli to marry a wealthy princess from distant Liantine. Rani must set aside her own feelings to journey with the king, to negotiate for his bride. In Liantine, Rani soon discovers a tangle of powerful entities: the wealthy Spiderguild with its monopoly on trade in silk and the brutal royal family, who have turned away from worship of the Thousand Gods.

    Even more intriguing, Rani finds the Players, traveling entertainers who have hoarded glassmaking secrets, guild-based knowledge that Rani craves. Knowledge, though, always has a price. Can Rani strike a bargain that will save her homeland, her king, and her own heart?