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In these two verses, the Lord offers some very practical advice on how to communicate to bring out the best in people. This is particularly relevant when emotions come into play during heated disagreements and full-blown arguments! Speaking in a very controlled, kind manner would be a fitting description. Yet, as you can see in these passages, they bring about very different and interestingly complimentary outcomes.

Is this difficult to do? Of course! See more of our favorite Healing Scriptures here! Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is credited for telling people that he rarely prayed for more than five minutes at a time, and that he never went more than five minutes without praying.

Spurgeon adopted a way of life that held regular communication with God at the forefront of his mind and heart. Is God so possessive that He demands our absolute devotion and attention to be on Him at all times? Yep, pretty much, but not in the way that you may think. Mark As any man or woman has experienced along the way of romance and courtship, love breeds trust, which is faith in action. You see, like a romantic courtship, spending time with the Lord gives us the opportunity to know Him intimately.

As we fall deeper and deeper in love with Him, we learn to trust His word, His voice and His direction. Inevitably, your instinct becomes to ask Him for guidance as you go about your day, just like you do with a trusted friend and your spouse. The admonishment to roll our works upon the Lord is yet just another reminder to share our lives with Him.

Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends. The Bible warns us time and time again to keep our mouths shut, and leave well enough alone. In no situation is gossip permitted by God, and we all know this. But what exactly is gossip? Therein lies the issue for many men and women of God.

Unless they give you explicit permission to share their secret, you will always be inching up to the grey zone of what defines gossip or not. Even with our spouses — especially with our spouses! No, never. A brother offended is more unyielding than a strong city, and quarreling is like the bars of a castle. In a time where the moral fabric of our society has been completely torn to shreds, men and women of God must stand on the Biblical Rock of Ages and boldly share their faith like never before!

When done in true love and gentleness of spirit, however, the Gospel becomes a wellspring of life; leading people to repentance as they will become eternally grateful for hearing the truth! You see, true Biblical offense is when a follower of Christ becomes offended at the hands of someone in sin. It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Take heed to yourselves. If your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him. At the same time, we are called to the High Standard of Christ by not causing fruitless offense as well.

Fruitful offense , on the other hand, is another story completely and lead people to the abundant life! He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and that which he has given He will repay to him. Sometimes it can be a tough call whether or not to give cash to pan handlers. What about giving money to street people? What if we can smell liquor on their lips? Should we give to them as well?!? After all, God calls us to be good stewards right? But also to caring for others. I have also emptied my wallet on several occasions, as an act of worship to God, not caring how they use the money.

Let me put something in perspective for you. Keep in mind, sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, and has been linked to virtually every disease known to man. Drinking some whiskey to help numb the pain for a night, or clogging our arteries with fast food? Both cause death, and we are not to judge.

With that said, I will never go and buy a homeless man some hooch and cigs to support his habit. It is an honor for a man to cease from strife and keep aloof from it, but every fool will quarrel. I grew up in a hot-tempered Sicilian family, and arguments were a way of our life. Case in point: We would visit my aunt at least every week, and I can barely remember one visit when someone was NOT shouting out at someone else while we were there.

Yet, things never really got out of control. And, to this day, I am very sensitive to shouting as it triggers a lot of memories that I am not necessarily fond of. That is why I have tried my best to do things differently in my home. Granted, my emotions sometimes get the best of me, but I generally do a pretty good job keeping it cool and keeping my voice down. Every way of a man is right is in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.

Moral relativity is that insidious deception that convinces people they are innocent of violating the objective standard put in place by God Almighty for our good. Yes, OUR good! Follow the Biblical mandate of living within the safeguards that He has put in place to help prevent such catastrophes. A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold. What this looks like for everyone comes in all shapes and sizes, and even the most nobly-minded follower of Christ has fallen prey.

At the end of the day, nothing is worth more than your good name. To be known as a man or woman of integrity is absolutely priceless! The real value is how your good name causes you to walk in favor, which is your protection in the workplace! But, what about other ways of increasing our bank accounts? When you get down to it, the Bible is quite clear on how to stay away from unrighteous endeavors, which will preserve our precious name in the sight of God and man.

In the end, we will be exponentially better off by taking the high righteous road than the low corrupt one. What else could the Lord have meant when he said,. The question that I am posing is, what happens to the drive and burden to do glorious things with our lives and make a difference in the world? A desire, I believe, that was originally birthed by God. The Creator of ALL things can cause a rebirth of your calling. He can reignite that passion! The hope is for the future, so make today the beginning of the rest of your new Abundant Life in Christ!

Prepare your work outside and make it ready for yourself in the field. Afterwards, then, build your house. Poverbs When I first read Proverbs 24, I was a baby Christian. Young, single and nothing but idealistic visions of my future. Hence, the indissoluble rule in my house about dating and courting. Applicable to virtually every area of life, the wisdom to put first things first is a timeless reminder to count the cost for any endeavor our hearts are set on accomplishing.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter. God has placed within people an inquisitive nature to figure life out. We see this all across the board, spanning cultures and philosophies since the beginning of time. Sadly, somewhere down the line, the truth got diluted until people simply stopped questioning the story and ignorantly accepted whatever they were told. Eventually, they veered against their instinctive nature to test all things and seek for truth. We see this today like never before!

By design, truth-seekers are inherently chasing after God. And you know what? To search out a matter to diligently seek for truth is to seek the Lord Himself because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life! John Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest.

Sadly, the empowering truth of being MORE than a conqueror has passed through the minds of many of our brothers and sisters in Christ without taking root. When the conviction does not exist that this eternal axiom is our birthright in Christ, fear sets in and the Abundant Life soon becomes a faded dream.

I knew yelling for help was out of the question, so I just kept trying to fight it off. In the corner of my eye I kept seeing little sparks of light where my tv was. I tried to look in that direction but my eyes were stuck. After a few minutes of complete struggle and fear the shadow disappeared and an overwhelming breath came upon me. I could finally move and looked at my tv and it was off. Usually it is one dark figure that haunts me but I feel like there was more than one in my room that night. I am a firm believer in spirits because I am a Christian, and feel nothing but fear when this occurs.

The first that I remember was as a child, I awoke from sleep with the image of an oak tree with a face, screaming in silent agony, but I could feel the scream vibrating my whole body, and of course I was paralyzed and frightened. The most dramatic episode was somewhere between sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. After a night of partying I finally crashed out, and awoke with the image of a devouring dragon rushing towards me.

I projected my dream body out of my sleeping body although I was paralyzed I could still feel an adrenalin rush and discovered that the dream body took the form of Iggy Pop circa , platinum wig and all. I know how difficult it is to work with these experiences because you are put in the position of utter powerlessness, but did you ever feel, Matt, that your writing process changed after having these experiences? I ask because perhaps this being, as frightening and invasive as it was, seems similar to powerful images that have arisen during times when my meditation practice was reaching a critical moment, and almost all of these images had to do with a total annihilation of the self, and my reactions were often in the form of extreme fear until I started talking to people who assured me its a normal part of the process.

Yes, my experiences with SP have changed my writing process, as well as my experience of creativity in general. This article was very helpful.

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Moments ago, dreaming heavily in my dark dorm, having Spotify playing a thunderstorm nature song.. I fell into a deep sleep. My dream seemed familiar, the same paralysis you spoke of. It was a dream within a dream. A version of me was experiencing the incident of this figure and overcame it. This was the first time that I have ever seen this figure hunched over, cloaked, shaking back and forth beside the edge of my bed..

I did not feel a sense of fear, but one of courage, with all my might, I yelled at the figure and it vanished. And thus I awoke completely. If this be a demon on ny side, I felt no fear to face it. I felt that it could not touch or harm Mr and I had that faith, that it could not.

I proceeded to light a candle and place my St. Anthony image prayer by it, to lighten my room. I wish to encourage all to be courageous in this vulnerablet state, let not the fear consume you but you consume the fear. Hi all. With three very old men floating above my bed in a fetal position all three with a Mona Lisa smile on their face. I decided to fight them so the last time it happened I got up and started to punch them and it really felt like I was hitting something. Has anyone experienced this or am I going mad in the head.

So what does it mean when you have seven figures? I had similar experiences when I was around 8, much like you have describe, the only difference being there were seven hooded figures evenly spaced around my bed. Every time it was the same, one at the foot with three on each side. I would lay there paralyzed for about 30 seconds which felt like forever while they whispered collectively.

I would immediately snap up gasping for air and sweating. This stopped after a few weeks and never came about again until last week. Im about to be 25, I just recently joined the Army and will be shipping out in May. If you could explain this to the best of your knowledge it may bring me some peace of mind. What does it all mean? I look forward to your response. A fascinating read! I too have been having these experiences over the past few years and the fear that overwhelmes me is immense. Part of me during the process knows I am just asleep and will awake soon but the fear still remains.

The last event took place in my bedroom where I felt a movement as if someone was passing my feet at the bottom of the bed. I awoke straight away. I must admit that one did bother me. Not a nice experience but does fascinate me also. I have had many experiences at different places. One event I will never forget is the feeling of drifting asleep one night but then a big slap across my cheek. Felt as real as you could imagine a real slap to be. Also figures opening my door and coming into my room. Dark shadows. Occasional flashing lights are sometimes present in them as if police cars are parked outside.

I am a 41 year old male with no drug issues except the occasional drink. Thanks for posting. I have also had a couple of disturbing and unexplainable experiences and mostly all of them had something to do with sleep paralysis. I will talk about the most disturbing one. During this, I was aware that I was in deep sleep and something was happening to me.

So i decided subconsciously to just be patient and wait to awaken properly. However, the strangling and not being able to breathe got worse. In my sleep I sort of kicked forward, like pushing something away, and then I woke up completely. Only to see a figure behind my door. It resembled a woman, covered in old kind of long clothes. So I looked at the figure, thinking it was my sister, and started calling her name — but no response. Until I switched on the light and everything was back to normal.

Hi Matt, My name is Luis and first of all my sincere apologies for the poor english but… after reading this article, a almost lost memory that basically just drove slowly into my sub-conscience has become clear again. A memory that I honestly, in many occasions when discussing scary tales with friends, have tried to explain but every time in vain. This happened back when I lived in Brazil at age of I was just sitting with a friend on the sidewalk enjoying a ice-cream when a man shaped like shadowy vague figure crossed over at clearly beyond human capability speed.

Proof there is something else than just us, for I was not the only one who saw it. After that we both just started desperately to run towards our neighborhood and I noticed that, for some reason the streets seemed to be abandoned, Everyone was just inside their houses, and, when we got to our neighborhood it was finally crowded and we felt safe.

All this felt to me like it was meant to happen but at the same time it felt like I could choose freely which actions to take, like for example; I knew the streets seemed empty and that it was in some kind of way a part of the whole thing but I saw people in the distance and thought about running to them but, we still chose not to run towards them which was much further than our own street but visible because it was a long straight road. I myself am a thinker at the highest level. This I say because of their unreliable theories and scientific explanations that are but mere calculations that can simply be calculated wrong and of course because most people lack experience like its not just something that occurs to everyone.

Even when I start doubting myself i think twice on that day and I know what I tell is the truth. I wanted to keep it as short as possible but i could not find the right words. Please understand I am not just someone trying to get attention, I just sat on the couch on 2 am reading weird stuff when I came across this page and to be honest, this is the ultimate confirmation for a guy like me that this things DO exist and that they are as real as the moment you witness them.

I have the feeling that I am fit to experience these kind of things for some reason and I would really like to discuss more on the subject with someone who is more of an expert than I am. Again I am not searching for any kind of unnecessary attention, its just that you are the first person I have encountered with exact the same interests as me and who really seems to know about this kind of stuff.

I filled in my email address so if you have the time maybe you could send me a brief recap of your own life time experiences on the matter? If its not much to ask, it would mean a lot to me if I had some kind of clear explanation or maybe just something to read about so I can understand it a bit more.

There are plenty more hard-to-explain stories that I can share with you, but this one was the most reliable one, because of my friend being able to see it too that is. I hope you understand where I come from and why I am sharing this, looking forward to your response, J Rodri. Thank you for sharing your story, Luis.

For some of my own further discussions of the phenomenon in question, you can see the following:.

Daemonic Creativity my interview for the Expanding Mind radio show. Cosmicomicon Interview with Matt Cardin. Now I know for sure that it is a matter that should be looked at. If the day comes I get it all explained on paper, I will see to it that its fully covered and translated properly so you guys can read it. Thank you and be blessed.

I wish you the best of luck. I may have something for you. What I will tell you seems unbelievable but as you know these things often do. It was there when I woke up, as well. There is much more to this tale. Recently, my sleep paralysis episodes have returned. Hi there. I had my first sleep paralysis episode 2 days ago. I am a 30 year old female, and have never had any experience like it. I came home early from work around 2PM, and laid out on the couch, made myself comfortable and propped a pillow under my head and pulled a soft blanket over myself.

I fell asleep. Then I suppose I started to feel myself waking up. My eyes opened and I could see the room — the bookshelf in front of me, the desk in the corner, the TV, and the door. I thought that maybe I should get up and move, and realized that I could not move. My body felt heavy and I started to panic. My eyes darted around the room as I struggled within my own body.

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Then I started to sense someone else in the room with me. I saw a dark shadow that I interpreted to be male. It had no features that I can recall, but it looked human. It stood right above my head, silent, unmoving. Just there. It felt sinister. I became extremely panicked and tried to move. If I can just get there, I can scream for help!

I started to feel my blanket slowly move down my legs. I shut my eyes and started praying. Shortly after, a woman appeared at my side. She looked like she could have possibly been a relative, although I did not recognize her. She had a crown of light around her head, and when I focused, the beams of light became daggers that jabbed back and forth, forcing the shadow back. She stood at my side, interjecting herself between me and the shadow until I fell back asleep. Sometimes it was suffocating or even once being swallowed by the couch. But I had one just the other night that was different from the rest.

All is the same except the way I would die. Sorry my keyboard messed up before I could finish. I would really like to know what this all means. This is certainly a long-lived post! This took place in Southern California about Just dropping off to sleep one night, a very battered and bloody-looking figure suddenly arose beside my bed with a very agonized sounding yell.

This person was male, probably in his late twenties as I remember it and dressed in what were once apparently rather colorful duds, but were now badly shredded. He had dark hair and a slight build. He was covered in blood and I could see various scratches and bruises all over his face. It was obvious to me even at that age that he was basically screaming for help. There was nothing really threatening about this image; the disturbing aspect was entirely due to the fact that he was obviously in such horrible torment, but it upset me badly.

I had certainly watched my share of horror movies by then, but none of them had shown me a character like him, nor one that affected me so deeply. Quite disturbing, to say the least. I have experienced episodes of sleep paralysis with the first memory being when I was about 4. I woke to a voice telling me not to look at the light. Throughout my childhood, I experienced periods of sleep consciousness and I would estimate I have had hundreds of these episodes over the course of my 40 years.

When I was younger, I would simply wake up and leave my body and go into other rooms in my house and actually see my family members, speak to them, but with no response. During those years, my experiences were not encumbered by the presence of any spiritual presence that I was aware of other than myself. I did have experiences of not being able to move or scream, even though I was obviously frightened by something. Additionally, during that time frame, my visual perception when I left my body was in color as I moved about the house.

I will call my middle years from 17 to 28 I experienced something a little different. The awaking moments were prefaced by a tremor; a reverberating feeling that signified the beginning of either a short or painfully long period of being pinned to the bed by either an external actor, or a projection of my mind in response to the paralysis. I narrowed this period down to eating ice cream or some other type of food late at night.

My current period of experiences have two flavors; one is pleasant and allows me to travel extended distances from my body. My most memorable happened within the last 12 months. I was way beyond my known physical boundaries and a rotated my view degrees and as I did the stars in the heavens lit up as I viewed them.

I had a companion in this episode that was acting as a tour guide and when I came to I had a feeling of complete euphoria. I was so sure of my place in the universe and had a confidence in knowing that I was a force of good in the world. Often I simply leave my bed and even used my dresser to step down from the end of my sleigh bed. The interesting thing is now when I leave my body, I often float and use swimming motions to move myself around in my environment. I will often leap through my ceiling and go above the roof of my home and the only distinction now versus my youthful experiences is that everything is usually gray with only some things have color.

Last night however, my son had a visitor over for the night and I experienced a very dark presence when I woke. In fact, it was a completely new experience. My head only was being pinned to my pillow and the force was so severe that I felt the bones in my neck pop. It was almost like it was pushing something into the back of my skull. I take my experiences very seriously and pay close attention to the details. As I have gotten older, I have made efforts to control the experience while I am in the paralysis.

I thought up until last night that I had evolved, but the force last night was so powerful I felt like a patient under the surgeons knife. I can see the correlation between these experiences and the anti-self. If fact, reading this for the first time tonight, the anti-self is the most apropos explanation I have heard to date. Lastly, the one aspect of this I have not yet reconciled is the missing details in terms of the physical space. I am certain the projection this state brings about is a part of the brain or a incarnation thereof that does not understand the physical aspect of existence.

Conversely, it could also be that the brain does not know how to operate in the spiritual sense and compensates the best way it can, which would explain the external theory that in the state of paralysis we are in co-existing in a dimension where we are consciously dreaming in a body that is paralyzed which makes us aware of the various force of energy that exist in the same state. Whether they be thoughts of our minds or a collect I cannot say for sure. He it? I mean, does the thing that visits you during this time make sounds?

My last sleep paralysis episode involved sound. Anyway, I will be back to post my experiences. No time this evening. This has been happening to me since I was little. I always wondered what this figure was and still do. It actually happened again last night. At first you start to get cold Shivers that first start slow and get stronger.

If you open your eyes right when it starts nothing will be there but if you wait to long its to late and you either open your eyes and get it over with until its gone or keep your eyes shut until eventually you open your eyes because the shivers will just get stronger and a weird whistle noise will start. One night I woke up 5 times and when I went back to sleep it started again so I said screw it and when the chills got stronder I opened my eyes and It was there.

It seemed aggrevated and was shooting at my body very fast back and fourth. So I never did that again lol. It moves fast and looks like it wants to attack you. Over the years it never hurt me so I try different things to piss it off or figure out what it wants. I was able to get my arm up half way one time and it slammed my hand down and put it face in mine and looked like it was screaming.

What does this thing qant? My only suggestion would be when it happens just open your eyes and wait until it leaves. I just like to push it buttons. Has anyone else ever made it mad? Sometimes it wakes me up times a night. Also, do you think maybe she said what she did about you because of your skepticism? My guess is that although my skepticism may have been what initially prompted her to pay more attention, it was mainly that she observed a bundle of certain personality traits and caught a certain personal vibe from me that interacted with things she had studied and read to suggest her speculative diagnosis.

I myself experienced full blown sleep paralysis several times growing up, complete with the short dark hooded figures huddled around my bed, who would just stare at me. Total paralyzed state, unable to move or scream. Often minutes at a time. While remaining skeptical, IMHO there may still be a slight element of the paranormal about this. My current theory is that they might act in a similar to a computer firewall, preventing us from accidentally leaving the body in these hypnagogic states.

The very placement of them could be part of it, designed by the mind to simply scare us into falling back sleep or just not leaving our safety-zone ie. However if you look at the evidence:. I mean to say, other people who are awake do not perceive them. A video camera set up in the room will not see anything. There is no physical interaction. They cannot harm you physically. There are rarely, if ever, any reported social interaction.

That is, they are not yelling at you about Satan or The Evil or anything at all. They are usually silent. We do not understand our OWN consciousness, and therefore we cannot just jump to conclusions about dis-incarnate intelligence. That is, if you really want the truth, we need to look at the meta-data and find what pattens emerge to help explain the phenomenon.

These are interesting and well-presented reflections, Cory. Im about to go to sleep so ill sum this up quick, I reached spiritually awakening like how eckart tolle or mooji or ram dass or jesus did. Also I deeply believe tv has something to do with the sp because I woke up to sp a few nights ago and had a revolation of how it involves tv. Thanks Daniel Bushnell. The Thing poster — this is exactly what I saw two nights ago whilst asleep. It was far from pleasant! Im not entirely sure that it is sleep paralysis.

But i suffer from horrid night terrors where im being chased and attacked by skelatal angels and demons of all kinds, and at some points i wake up with a feeling like im falling back into myself but ill be sitting up and i cant move a muscle at all just completly frozen and i see one of the skeletal angels in front of me at least partof one that has a whole human face a womans face that just stares at me and im held i cant speak cant move at times ill pass out and wake up in a whole nother part of my house at other times il be transfixed for what feels like eternity as it feels like im being drawn in.

I have stumbled upon this page when I was looking for an answer for the experience that I have had. I was renting an apartment with my ex-husband. The apartment was right across from the cemetery and I was already feeling uneasy. No features, just darkness-almost like they portray the Grim Reaper or Darth Vader. It started slowly moving around the foot of my bed until it reached the right hand side, by my head.

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Then it reached out with its long bony finger and touched my arm. I felt a slight zap, and that is when I came to my senses. I have never felt that terrified in my life-I still have hair stand on my head when I think about it. I turned on all the lights, TV, everything, and called my ex husband. I explained the situation, and he said it was probably a dream. The thing is, you always know when you have a dream, no matter how lifelike and terrible it is.

Here everything was exactly the same as in reality-my chair with clothes crumpled on it, the light in the window from parking lamp, etc. When the thing was walking around me, I didnt feel anything at all. I didnt move, but I didnt even try to. Its like I was hypnotized or something. The pure dread came on only after I snapped out of it. For years now I have been dying to know what it was, and if anyone has had a similar experience. I also want to know why it touched me and what that meant. I just want to know. Any ideas?

Two weeks ago I had just lay down in my bed waiting for the Aleve to kick in my hip had come partly out of joint and I just suddenly knew something was in the room by my closet. I just knew that it was something dark and I knew it was ther because I am on the verge of getting well after 27 yrs of many chronic health issues, and it did not want that.

I could not see it, but I knew exactly where it was and felt it float in a wavy pattern across the room toward me. I felt the bed on my right side being pushed in and then the same thing happened on my left.

Was Jesus Black? What Race Was Jesus Christ?

I love Jesus. I did not feel the bed press in anymore that night. I looked up dark entities and saged the entire house closets, garage, attic, basement, even the car. Last night, after just getting into bed, I was saying prayers and felt pressure on my feet. I thought maybe I was imagining it, but then the pressure extended from my feet up to my knees and I felt the covers being tugged at my left knee.

Then the bed began to shake not violently and it reminded me of when my husband flops and moves around, so I reached across the bed to him but he was not moving. I kept my hand on him he felt the bed moving, too, but assumed it was a truck going by rattling the bed and the bed kept shaking. Then I felt the bed compress on my right and immediately after on my left it was sitting on me! I can hardly believe I did this, but I decided not to give it any more attention and actually closed my eyes and went to sleep!

After that, my leaking c-pap mask woke me several more times, but the dark thing was gone. My husband heard me scream, but when he realized I went right back to sleep, he did not ask me about it until the morning. He said the leaking mask sounded like it usually did I wondered if the thing had been pulling it off my face, but it would have sounded louder than usual.

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I re-smudged the house with sage, lavender and rosemary essential oils in holy water and said in a firm voice that only loving, positive things are permitted in our house and anything negative must leave in the name of Jesus Christ. I think this has been going on for at least 3 mos. The 1st episode I woke from sleep screaming as I felt something heavy hovering over me and saw in my mind a black cloud with a bony white woman in it. When I surfaced and opened my eyes nothing was there.

A few other times I awoke to feeling something on my feet and pulling on the covers, but then it stopped nothing else happened, so I assumed I had imagined it. We had activity in a house from the s we previously lived in for 4 yrs have been in our newer house for 5 yrs but it seemed harmless, even friendly to me, but my husband thought it felt angry. Could something have latched on to me? I can hardly believe this is happening.

I did not used to believe in things like this. Last night after I saged the entire house the attic, garage and even the car and said anything negative was not permitted in our house and had to leave in the name of Jesus, it must have been ticked off or felt I was challenging it. I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and had just washed my face and was turning to grab my moisturizer, when the little keyboard my son had left on the counter started to play one very long high pitched note followed by 2 or 3 lower staccato notes and it kept repeating and sounded angry.

At first I was startled as far as I knew it had never been out of my bedroom but then I felt angry and protective of my family and I forcefully said the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be and it stopped. I told me husband, who had not heard it over the air conditioner in the bedroom. We prayed, blessed ourselves with holy water and slept with the light on. Wondering if we should seek a priest at this point?

Trying not to feel anger toward it in case it feeds off of negative emotions.

Daily Bible Devotions

I have already put rosemary under my pillow and it seemed strange but then the whole thing is strange a bowl of water with sea salt in it under my bed at chest level, and I actually slept with a bottle of holy water clutched to my chest. Any advice? A few days before my husband of 43 years passed away, I woke from a sound sleep to check on him. The room was lit from a light kept on in the bathroom so I could see to give him his meds during the night.

When my husband died, I developed A-fib an extra heartbeat at the exact moment he left this world. If felt as though someone had reached into my chest and pulled the heart out of me. They hospitalized me and began giving me a drug called Rhythmol to try to get my heart back in natural sinus rhythm. The things I saw…if I stared long enough at them…began to fade into what they really were: a curtain moving in an errant breeze; the lintel around the door that had seemed to be undulating; a plant hanging at the window that appeared to be reaching for me.

The one thing that disturbed me most was when the Christ figure on the crucifix over my bed pulled away from the wood and slid to the floor. Once they took me off the meds, the hallucinations stopped. I understood that what I was seeing and what my mind was seeing were too different things. None of that, however, explains the creature I saw before I developed the A-fib.

It was real; I was wide-awake; and it was just as scared of me as I was of it. If it was a harbinger of his death or a guardian angel watching over him, I will never know. Specifically after last night, when i woke to find a dark shadow figure laying next to me in my bed. NO idea what was happening, but i am intrigued by your writing here… any ideas? I have had 3 episodes of sleep paralysis and one of those I saw a dark shadow man in the corner of my room just looking at me!

On another occasion I awoke feeling like someone was holding me down in my bed, I opened my eyes to see an older man with a very menacing look on his face and it was as if he was choking me. These episodes are extremely terrifying! It was never too frequent.. Most of the time,it was only physical immobility with no visions.. Once I woke up at 3 am , the clock hung right across so I remember and saw a black thing, roughly shaped like a human, as u explained,leaning over me… And there was so much weight on me that I could not move for minutes, nor could I bring myself too scream..

Another time I was fully awake just lying down on my bed when this episode happened I saw a lot of long black hair hanging over me,,,like if someone with long hair is looking at you from above and their hair is hanging down. It disappeared after a few mins.. As I grew up these episodes stopped in my very early 20s.. But now I hv a different kind of strange experiences.. I was searching for something like that when I stumbled on your blog.

Now I am asleep but I feel I am in my senses.. Same house.. I feel someone has rung the bell.. I see my self right where I am.. I can touch things, smell.. Any idea what this is..? Thanks for the great read. I woke up to a dark shadow hovering above me. It was a dark mist with regular human eyes. When I jumped out of fear the shadow went up in the ceiling, then down into a shadow that was on the floor. Later that year while in the hospital I woke to find about 4 shadows watching me.

Mind you that these two times were when I had a light on. The most terrifying experience was in or I woke up to a large black shadow at the foot of my bed. I sat up to try and get a closer look. As I tried to figure out what it was it glided to my nieces bed and as soon as it hit the bed my niece started screaming. My sister and I jumped on the bed trying to help her. When my family ran into the room my mom said the room felt extremely cold. My niece described the experience as if someone was holding her down suffocating her.

A few years later I was diagnosed with right temporal lobe epilepsy and was told that this type of Epilepsy gives you a sixth sense? These shadows are not only seen at home but anywhere… Last week I woke to a gray mist hovering over the bed, This week I had awoke to dark shadow having over me and this morning I experienced it again. If that were true why did I see these things before my diagnosis and medications.

I ha e a had a few episodes since then but not as bad as that until last night, 30 years on. I was semi awake and then I could sence this evil presence coming towards me and it nearly had me not able to move until in my head again, I said Jesus, Jesus and then prayed in tongues and then it left.

It was awful. I experienced a similar occurrence many years ago,about nine. I was awoken for what ever reason only to look to my left in shock at a dark humanlike figure near me, I wanted to scream but could not,I wanted to move but could not. I just waited which lasted at least one minute, by that time I was prepared for whatever. As soon as I felt mobility, I sweated every curse word known to man to rid this dark figure that I mean business. I went right back to sleep but the same day I awoke I try to ascertain this and to put into prospective, just could not find word for it.

However, I started to read online of ways to protect oneself from possible dark entities. Before this I remembered my mother telling me many years ago about this same thing, did not know what to make of it until it happened to me. To this day, I embrace things that King Solomon may have done to in a situation like this amongst other things. Learn what is not in the Bible to put it all into prospective.

I had a few sleep paralysis episodes when I was young, but the thing that scared me more was that when I would wake in the middle of the night, I would see very vivid images of things that looked like demons straight out of Japanese woodcuts. I went with the assumption that somehow, it was the author of the despairing poem. My impression was that this dark shape came straight out of war and had no idea what was happening or that centuries had passed.

After this, he abruptly changed into an extremely protective and comforting presence. He claimed that he had obviously come to save me, who was really the messed up one in trouble, and conveyed to me that I should change how I live, down to my diet and making me nap. My first killing ever was of a stray alley cat that I beat to death mercilessly with a wooden board; I wanted to see if afterwards its spirit would dig its own way deep below the earth, hissing in agony all the way down.

I never spoke much as a child, only to my dog Pepper, and when he died, I spoke to his ghost, which was actually a demon. I have beautifully scorched, invisible wings underneath my arms that I am never allowed to use in the light of man. The real me beneath all of this filthy human flesh is the demon of a child, disfigured horribly to match the image of what was left of my shattered soul. Together as Pepper and I fly away, I caress the demons wings gently against mine with what little strength I have left in my dying body; like a sleeping child might rub his blanket one last time before drifting off for an eternal sleep, nesting my fleshless, skeleton snugly against his thick, powerful neck, all the way down to the depths of Hell.

Was this really nothingness? Was I born to feel alone and hopeless in this darkness forever? How could anything so evil exist in the hands and mind of a child?